Services offered at Artopix

We are committed to providing you with professional and personalized services to meet all your projects needs and this at competitive prices.

Digital printing

Digital color printing process is the most efficient way to meet today's standards regarding quality, time efficiency and budgeting. For all your needs in small or medium runs, digital printing stands out as the best solution on the market.

At Artopix, the owner Christian Emery takes part in every aspect of the business, ensuring that customers get a product that meets their high standards.

Perfect for any of your projects:

Business cards, flyers, folders, stationery, greeting cards (Christmas or other special events), invitations, door hangers, etc.

Giclee printing

Giclee printing is a digital printing technology with color jet printing that delivers the best reproduction quality on the market. This technique allows for large scale single creations with high definition and fidelity.

Giclees are produced from digital scans, pictures or original artworks.

They can be printed on different types of supports: from paper to canvas. The result is superior to any other reproduction technique due to its impressive brilliance, longevity, color fastness and the outstanding printing resolution.

Artwork scanning

Your artwork needs extra care and special handling. On top of the usual physical protection used on your original artwork, we can help preserve your precious pieces digitally.

Artopix offers digital backups for your collection or creations. We can also use the saved data to recreate printed documents or limited copies of your art on paper, canvas or other material.

At Artopix, we offer you the best analysis possible with high quality reproductions. We also intend to handle your original artwork very carefully, because we really have fine arts at heart.

Graphic Design

If you are looking for any graphic conception services, we can help you out. We can realize any of your projects by assisting you while respecting your needs, preferences and budget.

From simple designs to complex projects, our experience and knowledge make us the perfect partners to create the right product that will fit your needs. We take every detail into consideration and always make sure that the customer is entirely satisfied with the final result.

Banners, flags and booths

We offer a complete service option for your presentations or exhibition material. All products are easy to handle, lightweight and manufactured ingeniously with resistant and superior quality material.

We offer a variety of products that will suit your needs within your budget. We know how to advise and guide you towards the right product for your convenience.

With our portable modular exhibition solutions, your visuals will stand out and make a good impression!

Hot & cold lamination

Many products require extra protection: restaurant menus, membership cards, flyers, covers that are being handled regularly or exposed to specific conditions, etc.

We offer different types of plasticizing (hot or cold) that come in many thicknesses and various finishes. We also have specialized products that will be ideal for projects that require special attention.

If you have such a special project, it will be our pleasure to guide you in order to make it possible. We will help you find the perfect solution that will respect your budget.